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Tea Leaf Reading

The art of tea leaf reading is centuries old. While it's highly respected in the east, its popularity was lost in the west with the invention and use of the tea bag. As the use of loose leaf tea is on the rise again, tea leaf reading is regaining popularity.

Reading tea leaves has traditionally been practiced by the women in the family at gatherings of family and friends.

To see what your cup of tea has to say about the future, follow these simple steps:

1. Brew loose leaf tea in a pot and pour; unrestrained, into your cup.

2. Drink all but the last sip, leaving a teaspoon of tea and the leaves in your cup.

3. Swirl the tea and leaves three times counter clockwise.

4. Turn the cup over and place on the saucer. Wait for the tea to drain out.

5. Turn the cup right side up and examine the pattern of the leaves.

6. Leaves near the top deal with the near future, leaves on the bottom of the cup, the distant future. Leaves near the handle are said to relate to the home.

7. The formation of symbols in the leaves is used to tell the future. A few include:
  • Triangle~inheritance
  • Ladder~promotion
  • Star~good luck
  • Ring~marriage
  • Tree~success, happiness
  • Cow~prosperity
  • Dog~a good friend
  • Cat~treachery
  • Umbrella~shelter
Have a little fun with a tea reading of your own at your next tea party.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009
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