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January Flavor of the Month

JANUARY is National Hot Tea Month

...and it is also considered the height of the cold and flu season. Since tea contains thiamine, drinking a few cups may help strengthen your body’s immune system and help fend off that cold.

The Specials for the month of January are:

25% off all Herbal and Fruit Teas!

Sip a cup of Chamomile with a Pure Clover Honey Stick and fresh lemon. Fabulous on a cold evening or when nursing a cold.

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Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

I was about to go make myself a cup of tea when I saw your post but I just had to stop and read it first because the picture looked like popcorn. I so wanted to see what flavor of the month you were going to say because I just couldn't imagine it being popcorn!!! I'm laughing at myself now! Off to make my tea!

Christie O. said...

oooh i love your blog, a girl after my own heart! i LOVE TEA!