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Tea Ball Infuser

A tea infuser performs the same function as a tea bag. Most tea infusers have spherical bags of tea in them when purchased. The infuser is generally a small mesh or perforated metal container or covered spoon that holds tea leaves, in varying sizes to brew single or multiple servings at once. Common shapes for infusers include spherical, conical and cylindrical. One style of infuser is a split sphere with tong-like handles to open its mesh container.

The infuser is placed in a cup or pot of hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to brew without loose tea leaves spilling into the pot or cup. A rod or chain is commonly attached to the container of the infuser to make retrieval from the pot or cup easier. Infusers with large holes may not catch all the leaves, requiring the use of a tea strainer to remove the remaining pieces.

Made of stainless steel, these 2" infusers are dishwasher safe. For best results, fill the infuser half full to allow the leaves to expand. Remove promptly when the tea has steeped to desired strength.

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