Welcome to Tea Time with Liv!

Come in and savor the flavor. Begin your experience or enhance your knowledge of tea. Share a cup with a friend, have an impromptu tea party with your children, or just sit back and relax.

Dying with Tea

Tea dying is a great way to be creative. You can dye curtains, place mats, paper, colored lace, dolls, shoes, sheets, even eggs. Tea comes in a variety of colors giving you a wonderful array of colors to use.

Tea dying works best with white, beige or light colored items but try even dark colors. It will change the color in subtle ways. Experiment and see what you love.

Something fun is tie dying with tea in various colors. Black tea gives a beautiful beige, raspberry is a lovely pink/red, and green give a delicate pastel olive, chamomile can give hint of yellow.

Use masking tape on table cloths to create squares or stripes. Use single tea bags to stencil wording on walls, fabric, paper. Tea dye old lace and wrap handmade cards for a great gift.

Don't worry about using unused tea. Save those used tea leaves and tea bags. Its a great way to get more than just one use out of those tea leaves.

The best way to tea dye fabric is with boiling water. Use this tea dying time guide and adjust as needed:

10 minutes for light color
30 minutes for medium color
1 hour for darkest color

Stir fabric and water often to ensure more even color. About every 5 minutes. Do not boil on stove. Just use boiling water.

You may soak longer if needed. When finished dying, place in dyer to set the color or use an iron just before fully dry to set the color. If your fabric item is too dark, wash with laundry detergent before drying to lighten the color.

Have fun with it. Try different teas and see what colors you get.