Welcome to Tea Time with Liv!

Come in and savor the flavor. Begin your experience or enhance your knowledge of tea. Share a cup with a friend, have an impromptu tea party with your children, or just sit back and relax.

Spearmint Tea

A pungent cool fresh taste that takes your breath away. It is savored for its refreshingly light aroma and natural, caffeine-free flavor. Spearmint tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Spearmint is similar to peppermint but less potent.

Best enjoyed after meals, spearmint tea has been told to help stop heartburn, as well as relieve pain due to gas and bloating. Spearmint tea is also a good nausea and stomach ache soother. This is great for moms to be that are suffering from morning sickness.

Spearmint tea has also been known to aid in the natural digestion of food. This mint tea is also relaxing and helps calm nerves. Spearmint has been used to relieve headaches and tension for years. Next time you are having a stressful day, have a cup of Spearmint Tea.

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