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Uses for Tea

Tea is not only a drink but also useful for us in many other ways. Take a look and see how tea can help you in everyday life.
  1. Place your feet in strong tea concoction to get rid of the unpleasant odor

  2. Soak a tea bag in cool water and place it over the site of injection to relieve the pain

  3. Plunge a cotton ball in tea and wipe on the affected part due to ivy rash to relieve from the pain

  4. Pour some cups of tea into the compost to accelerate the decomposition and create acid rich compost

  5. Cool a sunburn. Apply a few wet tea bags to the affected skin. This works well for other types of minor burns (i.e., from a teapot or steam iron) too. If the is widespread, put some tea bags in your bathwater and soak your whole body in the tub.

  6. Revitalize tired, achy, or puffy eyes. Soak two tea bags in warm water and place them over your closed eyes for 20 minutes. The tannins in the tea act to reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes. Cold chamomile works well on puffy eyes too.

  7. To soothe razor burn and relieve painful nicks and cuts, apply a wet tea bag to the affected area.

  8. Make your own natural dye using brewed tea and herbs: Steep 3 tea bags in 1 cup boiling water. Add 1 tablespoon each of rosemary and sage (either fresh or dried) and let it stand overnight before straining. To use, shampoo as usual, and then pour or spray the mixture on your hair, making sure to saturate it thoroughly. Take care not to stain clothes. Blot with a towel and do not rinse. It may take several treatments to achieve desired results.

  9. To give a natural shine to dry hair, use a quart (liter) of warm, unsweetened tea (freshly brewed or instant) as a final rinse after your regular shampoo.

  10. Give pale skin a tan appearance without sun exposure. Brew 2 cups strong black tea, let it cool, and pour into a plastic spray bottle. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Then spray the tea directly onto your skin and let it air-dry. Repeat as desired for a healthy-looking glowing tan. This will also work to give a man's face a more natural look after shaving off a beard.

  11. Drain a boil with a boiled tea bag. Cover a boil with a wet tea bag overnight and the boil should drain without pain by the time you wake up next morning.

  12. Breastfeeding a baby leaves your nipples sore, treat them to a cold bag of tea. Just brew a cup of tea, remove the bag, and place it in a cup of ice for about a minute. Then place the wet tea bag on the sore nipple and cover it with a nursing pad under your bra for several minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea. The tannic acid in the wet tea leaves will soothe and help heal the sore nipple.

  13. Soothe bleeding gums with a tea bag. To stop the bleeding and soothe the pain from a lost or recently pulled tooth, wet a tea bag with cool water and press it directly onto the site.

  14. To ease toothache or other mouth pain, rinse your mouth with a cup of hot peppermint tea mixed with a pinch or two of salt. Peppermint is an antiseptic and contains menthol, which alleviates pain on contact with skin surfaces. To make peppermint tea, boil 1 tablespoon fresh peppermint leaves in 1 cup water and steep for several minutes.

  15. Tenderize tough meat. Place 4 tablespoons black tea leaves in a pot of warm (not boiling) water and steep for 5 minutes. Strain to remove the leaves and stir in 1/2 cup brown sugar until it dissolves. Set aside. Season up to 3 pounds (1.5 kilograms) meat with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder, and place it in a Dutch oven. Pour the liquid over the seasoned meat and cook in a preheated 325°F (165°C) oven until the meat is fork tender, about 90 minutes.

  16. Clean wood furniture and floors. Just boil a couple of tea bags in a quart (liter) of water and let it cool. Dip a soft cloth in the tea, wring out the excess, and use it to wipe away dirt and grime. Buff dry with a clean, soft cloth.

  17. Soak white lace or garments in a tea bath to create an antique beige, ecru, or ivory look. Use 3 tea bags for every 2 cups of boiling water and steep for 20 minutes. Let it cool for a few minutes before soaking the material for 10 minutes or more. The longer you let it soak, the darker the shade you will get.

  18. Shine your mirrors. To make mirrors sparkle and shine, brew a pot of strong tea, let it cool, and then use it to clean the mirrors. Dampen a soft cloth in the tea and wipe it all over the surface of the mirrors. Then buff with a soft, dry cloth for a sparkly, streak-free shine.

  19. Control dust from fireplace ash. Before you begin cleaning, sprinkle wet tea leaves over the area. The tea will keep the ashes from spreading all over as you lift them out.

  20. Perfume a sachet. Just open a few used herbal tea bags and spread the wet tea on some old newspaper to dry. Then use the dry tea as stuffing for the sachet.

  21. Feed your ferns with a little tea. Substitute brewed tea when watering the plants. Or work wet tea leaves into the soil around the plants to give them a lush, luxuriant look.

  22. For healthier potted plants, place a few used tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of the planter before potting. The tea bags will retain water and leach nutrients to the soil.

  23. Speed up the decomposition process and enrich your compost with few cups of strongly brewed tea into the heap. The liquid tea will hasten decomposition and draw acid-producing bacteria, creating desirable acid-rich compost.

  24. The tannic acid that occurs naturally in black tea is also said to help eradicate warts.

  25. If making glycerin melt and pour soap, add tea in nearly any form to a mold of soap before it cools. The tea will settle in the bottom of the mold, (top of the bar of soap) and makes an excellent cleansing soap.

  26. Chamomile tea is a natural sleep aid. Have a hot cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before bedtime.

  27. Tea sachets made with plain old black tea will help keep food odors under control in your refrigerator.

  28. Chamomile or peppermint tea makes a very soothing footbath.

  29. Sprinkle dry tea directly onto carpeting, and allow to settle in for about ten to fifteen minutes as carpet freshener

  30. Tea leaves sprinkled under your rose bushes will give them a new lease on life in mid-summer. Tea provides tannic acid, which roses love.

  31. Take care of a messy shave. A wet tea bag is a soothing way to treat shaving nicks and cuts.

  32. Freshen your breath. A cup of mint tea is a good-tasting breath freshener for after meals, especially if you can’t brush your teeth, or don’t like gum or candy mints. Carry a few mint tea bags with you so you’ll always be prepared.

  33. Seed your lawn with a tea bag patch. Sow grass seed in small bare spots with a used tea bag. Make sure the bag is moist, and place it on the dirt where you want the grass. Sprinkle it with seed. The bag will hold moisture and gradually decompose.

  34. Let chamomile tea steep, then place in a facial steamer. Your skin will appreciate it.

  35. If you have a broken fingernail that is still hanging on, cut a small piece of tea bag and coat in clear nail polish. Place over the broken nail and it will adhere the nail together until it grows out. Cover in a colored coat.

  36. Fill a small gift bag or organza bag with lavender tea and place under your car seat for a great air freshener. It also has a calming effect.

  37. Place tea leaves in a smoker box when grilling to give your foods a unique flavor.

  38. Freeze leftover tea in an ice cube tray. Use these tea ice cubes the next time you need to cool iced tea.

  39. Use a large sachet bag or small lingerie bag and stuff the bath bag with your favorite teas and herbs. Add salts, oils or flowers to enhance your bath.

  40. A strong foot bath of black tea will strengthen the pads of a dogs feet

  41. To eliminate food odors on hands, especially fish odors, rinse hands with tea

  42. Clean Persian and Oriental carpets by sprinkling nearly dry tea leaves on it and then sweeping them away

  43. To heal plantar warts, place a hot wet teabag on it for 15 minutes a day

  44. Hot teabags make an excellent compress for the eyes to soothe pinkeye

  45. Place hot teabags on canker sores or fever blisters to draw out infections

  46. Wash face with tea to cure acne

  47. Cold, wet teabags will soothe bee stings and insect bites

  48. Sip a warm cup of spearmint tea to soothe nausea or stomach. Great for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness

  49. Take an old pair pantyhose, add used pieces of soap, and tea leaves for a great body scrub.

  50. Tea dye paper for an antique look when making custom cards.


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