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Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie

Get rid of the ordinary and whip up a delectable Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie dessert from Teaporia. Raspberry nuggets in the brownie and cream cheese to swirl through this chocolate brownie. Wonderful and rich is all I can say. Serve for your sweetheart with a light dusting of powdered sugar and finished off with chopped pistachios.

To make even more heavenly - add a sweet raspberry sauce and personal touches

1 cup fresh raspberries
1/4 cup brewed artic raspberry tea from Teaporia
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

All all ingredients to sauce pan and bring to boil slowly. Cook about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and strain through sieve to remove seeds (optional).

Serve as is or try a plating style to entice all the senses.

To plate:
Take 1 tbsp raspberry sauce and place in center of plate, add cut cheesecake brownie dessert and place on top of sauce, drizzle top with sauce, light dusting powdered sugar, sprinkle with chopped pistachios.

Can be served warm with warm sauce, vanilla ice cream, and finished with whipped cream.

Looks and tastes so good your sweetheart will think you slaved all day in the kitchen.

This mix makes a 9x13 pan (roughly 6 large 4-5" brownies or 12 smaller 2-3").

Next time you have the ladies over for a relaxing afternoon tea, serve up this Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie dessert with your favorite tea from Teaporia.

Olivia Vidal
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