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Herb Tea Bath

Relax in a luxurious herbal tea bath. Create for yourself or for easy gift giving.

1oz Lavender tea from Teaporia
1oz Spearmint tea from Teaporia
1 oz Chamomile tea from Teaporia
1oz Rosebuds and petals tea from Teaporia
1oz Jasmine tea from Teaporia
1oz Japanese sencha green tea from Teaporia
½ cup ground, unflavored oatmeal (you can easily grind this up in your blender)
½ cup powdered milk

Mix all ingredients well and add up to 1/2 cup to hot bath and relax

For a herbal salt tea bath:
omit oatmeal and milk and add 4 cups epson salt, mix well with Teaporia teas.

Herbal tea bath can be added directly to water or use an infuser ball to hold ingredients.

Gift ideas:

Place up 1/2 cup into organza bag with a handmade ingredient card attached.

Recycle old dyer towels and add 1/2 cup to center, pull edges to center, tie with satin ribbon.

Place up to 1 cup of the herbal tea bath in a tulle circle, tie with ribbon, place into an old teacup glued to a saucer, add a teaspoon and wrap. Received of the gift an add the herbal tea bath as needed with the teaspoon.

Add to recycle baby food jar, wrap top with a cloth circle, and tie off with a ribbon or raffia.

Place in a large sugar shaker for a fun twist.

Place in pepper shaker (recommended to drill holes bigger)

Add to mini baby bottles decorated with pink or blue ribbon, and mini pacifier for a baby shower favor

Olivia Vidal
© 2009
Teaporia by Tea Time with Liv