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Loose Tea On The Go

Even loose tea lovers can have the convenience of single serve teabags without sacrificing any quality.

The T-Sac size 1 is for making a single serving of tea. There is a gusseted bottom to allow the tea to expand and release all of its flavor. The T-sac is unbleached and chlorine free.

The rule of thumb for determining how much tea to use when making a cup is to use 1 teaspoon for every 6 to 8 oz. cup. Of course you can add more or less depending on how strong you enjoy your tea. Place a teaspoonfull of your favorite loose tea from Teaporia in a t-sac and brew as you would normally. Tea leaves can be reused for more infusions, you just need to reuse the t-sac a second or third time.

This is a great way to take your tea with you on the go. Create as many as you need for the

Order your t-sacs and favorite tea at Teaporia.

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