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What is a Tea Sandwich?

A tea sandwich is a small sandwich intended to be eaten at afternoon tea time.

The tea sandwich may come in many different forms but should be easy to handle and should be capable of being eaten in two bites. It may be a long, narrow sandwich, a triangular half-sandwich, or a small biscuit. It may also be cut into decorative shapes with a cookie cutter such as hearts and stars.

The bread is traditionally white, thinly sliced, and buttered. The bread crust is cut away clean from the sandwich after the sandwich has been prepared but before serving. Modern bread variations might include wheat, sour dough, or rye.

Fillings for a tea sandwich are light, and delicate in proportion to the amount of bread. Spreads might include cream cheese, mayonnaise mixtures, fresh vegetables such as radishes, cucumber, or watercress. The cucumber tea sandwich in particular is considered the quintessential tea sandwich. Other popular tea sandwich fillings include pimento cheese, smoked salmon, jam, chicken, and egg salad.

Tea sandwiches are flavorful. Tea sandwich recipes are savory fare, not sweet. Save the sweet for the scones and cookies.

Each tea sandwich is spread with soft butter or cream cheese, or something similar, to prevent soggy sandwiches. Peanut butter with banana slices or jelly is just right for a children's tea party.

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Tracy DeLuca said...

I love cucumber and cream cheese on rye. Yummy!

eight helping hands said...

I love tea and tea sandwiches! I love them so much that all three of my daughters have tea parties as the birthday parties! It's so fun and all their friends love it!
I'm here to follow you thru MBC!
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