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Tea Blossoms

These flowering tea blossoms will change the way you think about tea. Place a blossom into the teapot (preferably a CLEAR teapot to enjoy the visual effect), pour in boiling water and magically watch as this blossom transforms itself into a beautiful flower right before your eyes!

LONGING HEART (pictured at left) - the infusion on this blossom is a very light green and contains a premium green tea and chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums in tea has many medicinal uses, including an aid in recovery from influenza.

Green tea contains polyphenols which are thought to improve health.

Allow to steep for 3 minutes or to your desired strength. Do not leave the flower in the pot if you are not going to infuse again the same day. Each pod is reusable and makes 2-4 pots of tea...depending on how long you infuse each pot.

Order your Longing Heart Tea Blossom from Teaporia and watch the magic of the blossom infusion in your teapot.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009
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