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Teacup Candle

Take that old teacup and turn it into a useful item such as a candle.

What You'll Need:

Tea Cup with Saucer
White Birthday Candle
White Candle Wax
Tacky Glue
Metal Can (coffee or soup can)
1 Crayola crayon

1. Glue cup and saucer together with tacky glue. Let dry.

2. Fill your tea cup with hot water to warm the teacup. If you don't warm up the tea cup when the hot wax goes in it will shatter.

3. Fill a small pot with water and set it to boil.

4. Break up the wax into small pieces so that it will melt easier and place it into your clean soup can.

5. Shave a few pieces off the crayon into the wax. A pencil sharpener works well for this.

6. Once the water is boiling place the soup can into the boiling water holding it in place with tongs.

7. Empty the water from the tea cup and dry thoroughly.

8. Stir wax to ensure color is fully mixed. Can leave unmixed for an interesting marble effect. When the wax has fully melted into a liquid, slowly, and cautiously pour it into the tea cup to desired height.

8. When wax is almost completely hardened but still pliable use a skewer or nail to create a hole in the center.

9. Place the birthday candle into the center. To give it a smooth finish melt a small amount of wax and pour it over the top of the candle. The birthday candle will make a perfect wick for your little candle.

10. Let sit overnight before lighting.


This is a wonderful gift!

Olivia Vidal
© 2009
Teaporia by Tea Time with Liv


MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

That would be a great gift for my mom and MIL for Christmas! Thank you!!! Do you think that I could add something to make it smell?

following MBC

Olivia said...

Absolutely. I found different scent oils at the craft store in the craft section for this. Many many years ago I made candles and scented with crushed cinnamon sticks and one with crushed potpourri. Made for a neat effect. I added these while the wax was melting and allowed it to warm with the wax. It worked better than adding afterward I thought but you can do both ways. I found adding tea leaves makes for a nice scent. I am trying various loose tea flavors but so far ginger peach is my favorite.